Basic Sewing Supplies For Starters  

There are some basic items that are essential in every sewing kit. If you are just starting to learn the art of sewing, ensuring that you have these basics can make the process much easier. 

1. Needles And Pins

Pins are essential in any sewing project. Sewing free hand without the use of pins can cause problems for even the most professional tailors and seamstresses. It is important to choose quality pins that are sharp enough to pierce all types of fabric without causing any damage. 

Pins with bobble heads are the best choice as they are easier to hold and use. However, if you are going to be ironing fabric with the pins in place, make sure that the bobbles on the ends of the pins are heat resistant and won't melt.

It is also important to choose quality sewing needles. Even if you will mainly be using a sewing machine, there are some tasks that simply need to be completed by hand. Choose a set of needles that contain different types and varieties so that you have the necessary item to complete different tasks. 

2. Thread

Every sewing box should have a reel of black, white and brown high quality thread. The best option is cotton rather than polyester or a combination of the two. 

Specific projects may require different types of thread. Your sewing pattern should tell you which thread is the most suitable for the type of fabric or material you will be sewing. If you are unsure which thread is the most suitable, ask your local sewing store assistant for advice. Make sure that the thread matches the color of the fabric as closely as possible.

3. Scissors

You will need at least 3 different types of scissors in your sewing kit:

- Sewing shears to cut material or fabric. These should be very sharp and never used to cut anything but fabric.
- Snippers or clippers to cut thread.
- A small pair of scissors to take care of any other cutting needs.

If you want, you can purchase a scissor sharpener to ensure that your blades are always sharp. However, it is not advisable to sharpen your scissors too often as they can become difficult to use.

4. Markers

Dress makers chalk, fabric markers and pens are essential. As you pin your pattern to the fabric, there are certain markers that you will need to make on the fabric to help you when you start sewing. The markers you choose should be in a color that shows up easily on the fabric and should be easy to wash away once your sewing project is completed. Air soluble pens are a great idea but you will need to complete your sewing before the necessary marks disappear.

5. Stitch Picker

Even the best seamstresses make mistakes sometimes and need to unravel their stitches to fix the error. A stitch picker or seam ripper are essential to make the process quicker and more efficient. 

These are some of the sewing supplies you will need in your sewing box. Next thing you will need is to choose the perfect sewing machine for your skills and level. My friend Amber who owns Sewing Made Simple writes about her favorite models. I suggest you check her out before buying your own. I'm also planning to write about my recommended models so keep your eyes peeled.